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Product Features

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems has a simple philosophy:

Develop rugged, tamperproof and effective exercise equipment that brings the quality of indoor commercial exercise equipment to the great outdoors.
The company and our products are based on the passionate belief that outdoor fitness equipment should actually deliver fitness opportunities, and be designed on the real biometric requirements of its users.
Every Outdoor-Fit product you purchase will have been designed to include our key features. It's the way we approach each and every product we develop, with an eye to providing tamperproof, effective, and safe exercise to users in the world's toughest environments.
  • Tamperproof

    Our equipment is built with no pinch point or entrapment areas. Built tamperproof and proven in correctional facilities, parks, and campuses across North America.

  • Space efficient

    With multiple exercise stations for multiple users, our multigyms pack a lot of fitness options into a small space.

  • Weatherproof

    Built rugged and durable, our multigyms can be installed anywhere - in an indoor facility or in the great outdoors.

  • Low maintenance

    Built with extra thick steel plate, heavy duty aluminium, stainless steel, and super durable polyester paint, low maintenance is guaranteed.

  • Built for real exercise

    Designed with correct bio-mechanics, our multigyms provide real fitness without the risk of injury for all fitness levels from beginner to athlete.

  • Easy to install

    On an existing concrete pad, two people can set up and install the HELIOS in less than three hours, and the APOLLO in less than four hours.