APOLLO-NA Multigym

The APOLLO-NA Multigym brings the fundamentals of indoor commercial fitness equipment to outdoor environments in a tamper-proof, durable, and weather-proof package.

Compact, cost-effective, and secure with minimal moving parts, make the APOLLO-NA a part of your next project.

No Assist Mechanism

The APOLLO-NA eliminates the assist arm, giving you unobstructed access to pull-ups and dips. For users needing assistance with these exercises, the integrated static assist lip comes into play. With the same user and exercise capabilities as the standard APOLLO, the APOLLO-NA stands as a comparable choice.

19+ Different Exercises

The APOLLO-NA is designed with over 19 different exercises, to five simultaneous users. With exercises that target every muscle group, the APOLLO-NA provides a full-body workout for every fitness level, age, and ability.


The APOLLO-NA features the popular HI-LO pulley station for a variety of standing or seated exercises. Our unique, tamperproof selectorized weight stack allows users to adjust weight between 10 and 100lbs. Locking safety features also eliminate pinch points or entrapment zones typically seen on selectorized weight stack systems.