Real Exercise for Real Results

It’s time for a new standard in outdoor fitness.

The “standard” in outdoor fitness equipment for the last 10+ years has been single station units that are made to resemble the appearance of fitness equipment found in a commercial fitness center. The resemblance to indoor fitness equipment doesn’t mean this equipment provides real exercise value.

Unfortunately, in the world of outdoor fitness equipment, most of the equipment on the market provides little to no exercise value. In our eyes, this equipment should be called “outdoor activity equipment” and not outdoor fitness equipment. On top of providing little to no exercise value, many of these units offer poor exercise biomechanics - this means your body is moving in a way it is not designed to move, which can lead to injury.

At Outdoor-Fit, we have been focused on providing biomechanically correct exercises that provide real exercise value since our inception in 2003. We approach outdoor fitness equipment differently; with over 40 years of experience in the indoor fitness world, we build equipment that takes the best of indoor commercial fitness equipment and brings that to the great outdoors.


How does Outdoor-Fit compare to other types of equipment?