Our Equipment vs.

Bodyweight Equipment

man using bodweight fitness equipment outdoorsBodyweight equipment is found in single station, double station, or multigym configurations. A wide range of manufacturers make bodyweight equipment (including ourselves). Bodyweight exercise stations are typically fixed stations with no moving parts. Users can perform a wide range of exercises on this type of equipment and can typically complete a full-body workout. 

A few things to consider when looking at bodyweight equipment:


Does the equipment you are looking at provide correct exercise biomechanics? The majority of equipment in this category has poor exercise biomechanics. This means your body is moving or bending in ways it is not designed to move. This can lead to exercise related injury.

Fitness Ability Required for Users

For a wide range of body weight exercise stations, a high level of strength and fitness ability is required to perform most exercises. For example, over 90% of the general population cannot perform a chin up with their own body weight. For years, one of the most popular body weight exercise stations that has been installed in parks are chin up bars. Traditional chin up bars are a waste of space an money as most people cannot use them.