Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we believe that good health and health care are fundamental measures of our success as a nation.In support of this belief, we fund program and policy initiatives in four areas which are each critical to health equity—enabling everyone in our nation to live a healthier life:

  • Health Systems
  • Healthy Children, Healthy Weight
  • Healthy Communities
  • Health Leadership

Our grants and grant programs generally have three aims:

  1. Discover and Explore—Seeking creative solutions through targeted solicitations and an ongoing request for bold ideas with transformative potential.
  2. Spread Model Interventions—Identifying and expanding public policies, community-based programs, system changes and other interventions that are having a meaningful impact on health.
  3. Conduct Research and Evaluation—Expanding the evidence around key health issues, and evaluating, learning from, and sharing key lessons both from our own grantmaking and from other health-improvement initiatives tied to our areas of interest.