Addison Reserve Country Club

Located in Delray Beach Florida, the Addison Reserve Country Club is one of the top platinum country clubs in the United States. Regarded as a luxurious golf and tennis community, it is also recognized as one of the best fitness and wellness resorts in the country. Outdoor-Fit has multiple outdoor gym equipment installations at the resort, giving members the option of the beautiful architecture inside, or the beautiful scenery outdoors. 

The Outdoor-Fit outdoor fitness equipment provides real outdoor exercise in parks and outdoor spaces. The rugged and tamperproof outdoor exercise equipment is designed with correct biomechanics in mind making it perfect for all users. All the equipment is completely weatherproof and is built for small space parks. 

Type of Facility

Park / Recreation Department

Product Purchased

HELIOS Multigym

APOLLO Multigym

EVEREST Cardio Climber