NavConBrig Chesapeake, VA

NavConBrig Chesapeake (aka Joint Regional Correctional Facility Mid-Atlantic) is a regional military correctional facility with a focus on rehabilitation.

Located on 25 acres of an old campground, Chesapeake has plenty of room for a combination of the Urbanix single station gyms and HELIOS outdoor multi-gyms.

Navy Cmdr. Erik Spitzer says the attitude here is different from some correctional facilities, "The attitude and disposition of the prisoner is going to be higher than what you would find at a municipal or county jail," he said. Spitzer said his staff wants to reinforce that military regimen in the hopes of rehabilitating the prisoners.

The HELIOS outdoor fitness multi-gym is a tamperproof, weatherproof, safe, and durable way for users to get the physical exercise that is proven to provide a focus for inmates, and improve overall mood. The Urbanix single station gyms provide a wide variety of safe exercises, and both Urbanix and the HELIOS are long-lasting with low maintenance costs that makes the equipment very cost effective.

"You're not going to see something here like you see in those TV shows where the cells are very cluttered," Spitzer said. "The good order and discipline here is to help their recovery."

Type of Facility

Correctional Facility

Product Purchased

HELIOS Multigym