Town of Riverview in New Brunswick

The Petitcodiac River runs through the Town of Riverview, separating it from neighbouring Moncton, NB. From the vast forests surrounding the town to the nearby Bay of Fundy, home of the largest tides in the world, the people of Riverview value being one with the outdoors. The town motto is ‘Close to Nature, Close to Perfect’, so what better place to install outdoor fitness equipment, allowing the people of Riverview to workout outside.

Riverview is home to Outdoor-Fit’s Apollo and Helios Multigyms and the Everest Cardio Climber. The multigyms can accommodate multiple users at a time, doing a wide array of exercises.

Type of Facility

Park / Recreation Department

Product Purchased

HELIOS Multigym

APOLLO Multigym

EVEREST Cardio Climber