When sourcing fitness equipment for a correctional facility, there are a few options when it comes to equipment that has been designed with corrections in mind. While this equipment addresses the safety and durability concerns correctional facilities have, many of the options on the market come with big drawbacks; especially when it comes to exercise value and product features. 

You will also see the term “tamper resistant” used frequently which is not the same as “tamperproof”. A tamper resistant piece has removable parts and hardware that is partially exposed.

Here are some pros and cons of tamper resistant fitness equipment

  • Typically, low cost
  • Space efficient
  • Rugged and durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Little to no real exercise value
  • Poor biomechanics (inmates can be injured doing exercise)
  • Not 100% tamperproof
  • Mostly single stations, requires more space/concrete for multiple units

Truly tamperproof fitness equipment should be the only equipment a correctional facility looks at when replacing or adding to inmate recreation areas. A tamperproof system ensures safety for inmates as well as front line staff. Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems is the ONLY manufacture that builds truly tamperproof fitness equipment while addressing the other “cons” or negatives that other types of fitness equipment have.

Here are the ways Outdoor-Fit have addressed the cons of other equipment on the market.

CON: Little to no real exercise value

Outdoor-Fit's Solution:

Every Outdoor-Fit exercise station is designed to offer a biomechanically correct exercise. Our multigyms provide a full body exercise for inmates of all fitness levels. For example, a popular exercise in correctional environments are chin ups and dips. The problem with these stations is most people cannot complete one chin up or dip with their own bodyweight. Our Helios & Apollo multigyms come with a Chin Up/Dip Assist function that essentially removes some of the user’s bodyweight, allowing them to complete the exercise and burn off more stress. The Everest Cardio Climber offers an intense cardio workout. Most other correctional cardio equipment on the market has no real exercise value. The Everest mimics climbing stairs continuously which is widely regarded as one of the most effective cardio fitness workouts.

CON: Poor biomechanics (can be injured doing exercise)

Outdoor-Fit's Solution: 

All the exercises on Outdoor-Fits equipment line have been designed with proper exercise biomechanics. This ensures that users of all shapes and sizes can get an effective workout, without the risk of injuring themselves.

CON: Not 100% tamperproof 

Outdoor-Fit's Solution: 

Outdoor-Fit has designed all their equipment specifically for corrections. Every part and feature is designed to be 100% tamperproof. Any moving part is contained inside the unit and cannot be accessed without removing the padlock. All the fastening hardware used are rounded head stainless steel carriage bolts with the nuts on the inside of padlocked center column. No part can be removed to be used as a weapon.

CON: Mostly single stations, requires more space/concrete for multiple units 

Outdoor-Fit's Solution:

The Apollo, Helios, and Titan are all multigyms. This is done for a couple of reasons:

  • Packs a lot of exercise value in a small amount of space. Correctional facilities are often over crowded and understaffed. Most facilities have very limited space for fitness equipment and recreation activities. By utilizing a multigym design, Outdoor-Fit’s multigyms take up very little space and offer up to 16+ exercises and up to 5 simultaneous users.
  • Tamperproof Design. The Outdoor-Fit multigym design philosophy is critical in making the equipment tamperproof. By bolting all stations to a main center column, it allows all the fastening hardware and moving components to be housed inside of the padlocked center column. A padlocked access hatch is common to all Outdoor-Fits equipment and therefore the unit is secure and completely tamperproof.
Apollo Multigym is tamperproof
An example of the padlocked center column on the Apollo Multigym.


The Everest Cardio Climber has a small footprint as well of only 30” x 46”. While the unit is tall, the open handle design allows for unobstructed sightlines for security cameras and correctional staff.

With smart design and build techniques, Outdoor-Fit has been able to build a product that correctional facilities can trust. The products offer all the benefits of commercial gym equipment, while addressing the negatives typically associated with tamperproof and weatherproof fitness equipment.

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