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Tamperproof and Correctional-Grade

With no moving parts, the TITAN 5 station bodyweight multigym is completely tamperproof and was specifically designed for safety and security. In many locations, completely tamperproof fitness equipment is a critical requirement, but it is not the only important consideration. The TITAN is built to maximize your use of space, and is easily installed in outdoor recreation areas or indoor facilities.

TITAN: Compact, Rugged, and Completely Tamperproof.

Biomechanically Correct

Five bodyweight exercise stations

The world is full of exercise equipment, but multigyms from Outdoor-Fit like the TITAN deliver a real, biomechanically correct bodyweight workout. Allow your inmates to safely burn off the stresses associated with incarceration without removable items or heavy weights.

With five exercise stations and up to four simultaneous users, inmates can get regular exercise on an incredibly space efficient unit.

Completely Tamperproof

Designed for correctional use

The TITAN multigym delivers the complete tamperproof security that jail administrators and correctional staff demand. With no moving parts, the TITAN has no pinch points, no entrapment areas, and no removable parts that can be used as weapons.

Proven benefits

Optimize your health budget

It’s a proven fact that regular exercise has a calming effect, and a calmer inmate is an easier inmate to manage. Frontline correctional officers & jail administrators understand and appreciate the positive impact regular exercise has on inmate behaviour. Healthier inmates benefit the entire system, and almost every budget.

Our Unique Features

Did you know that all Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems products all share industry-leading features? Some people would call it a design philosophy, we just call it the right way to do things.

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Technical Specifications

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