We recently received this testimonial from the great people at Midwest City Community Services!

I would highly recommend to any city, county or state agency that is looking for a piece of outdoor fitness equipment for a park or trail-head to consider the Helios Outdoor Fitness System." 

The City of Midwest City Parks and Recreation Department has been researching for several years the details and specifications of several types of outdoor fitness equipment. We recently made the decision to purchase and install the Helios outdoor fitness system for its versatility, compact design and durable construction. The system was installed at one of our most popular trail-heads and has received rave reviews by our citizens and park trail patrons. In less than three weeks from installation it is not uncommon to see multiple users on the unit at one time several times a day.

The system is extremely durable and was simple to install. Our citizens will be able to use this equipment in support of a healthier life style for many years to come.