HELIOS Multigym

The Helios Multigym is a bodyweight outdoor exercise system that provides users of every fitness level and age the stations they need to improve their strength and endurance. The Helios is exceptionally compact, safe, and super durable, with an impressive 15-year warranty.


The Helios Multigym is built using the toughest materials: thick-plated steel, vandal-proof hardware, and top-quality powder coating. It has earned a reputation for being strong, durable, and low maintenance.


The Helios has more than 11 exercises, offering a full-body workout. With adjustability where needed and our unique chin/dip assist mechanism, the Helios multigym is suitable for users of all fitness levels and ages.


The full-color instructional placards provide detailed instructions about how to perform the exercises and built-in fitness programming accessible by scanning a QR code with your mobile device.