Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems has been a trusted name with correctional facilities across North America, supplying over 500 correctional facilities with our fitness equipment. Our corrections fitness equipment has been designed to solve the challenges Jail Administrators face in delivering fitness options to the inmate population and front-line staff at correctional facilities. Outdoor-Fit’s products are designed and manufactured to be completely tamper proof and weatherproof, with no removable parts or potential weapons making them perfect for all levels of correctional facilities.

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Correctional fitness equipment that is prison proven 

Our correctional installations see an extremely high use of our correctional fitness equipment. Our fitness equipment typically sees 12+ hours of daily use, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. With our vast experience in this market, our fitness equipment has been designed first and foremost to handle these heavy use environments. 

Our Correctional Showcases

We’re excited to be installing our outdoor fitness products in correctional facilities, schools, parks & trails, Home Owners Associations, campgrounds, resorts, and military bases throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world! We invite you to browse through a sample of the installations we've completed over the last few years.

Oregon Department of Corrections
Two Rivers Correctional Institution
California Correctional Institution
California Correctional Institution
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Maryland Correctional Training Center
Nye County Sheriffs Office
San Bernadino County
Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center
FCI Memphis
FCI Memphis

Outdoor-Fit correctional fitness equipment is the only choice for correctional facilities who value the benefits of exercise for their inmate population. This equipment is “inmate proof” and the only equipment I completely recommend for any institution.

Sgt. J. Kenney, Programs/Recreation, Western Virginia Regional Jail

Learn why providing inmates with tamper-proof fitness equipment will create a safer work environment

Correctional fitness equipment guide

A Guide to Correctional Fitness Equipment

Wardens, Jail Administrators, Recreation Supervisors, and other correctional personnel can experience less aggressive and healthier inmates when inmates are regularly exercising.

This guide discusses why providing inmates with tamper-proof fitness equipment will create a safer work environment for staff, increase your bottom line, improve inmate mental health, and what fitness equipment properties are non-negotiable.

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