What makes Outdoor-Fit different from other Outdoor Fitness Equipment companies?

We take a unique approach to outdoor fitness. To build products that offer the same exercise results found in commercial gyms, that last for years in any outdoor environment, and that keep your footprint small to maximize space - they have to look different. All our products are completely tamperproof, weatherproof, and tested in the toughest environments.

What is different between the different models Outdoor-Fit offers?

Each model has different exercise stations and a variety of different exercises that can be done. The Apollo multigym is the largest, with over 19 different exercises; and it’s smallest counterpart, the Titan, has 5 exercises. Our multigyms are made to fit your exercise needs. See our comparison chart for more information on the differences between models.

What does “tamperproof” mean?

At Outdoor-Fit we only use rounded head stainless steel carriage bolts with all nuts and other hardware inaccessible on the inside of the padlocked center column. Nothing can be removed from the product. Our products are proven in some of the harshest environments around the world.

Can you use a multigym for a full body workout?

Yes! Our multigym’s provide full body workouts using bodyweight (all models) as well as both resistance and our adjustable weight stack (Apollo and Versa only).

Do your multigym’s require any ongoing maintenance?

Our multigyms are designed to be left out in the toughest environments with little to no maintenance. They are all built with extra thick steel plates, heavy duty aluminium, stainless steel, and super durable polyester paint.

Who purchases a multigym from Outdoor-Fit?

Anyone! We specialize in Parks and Recreation and Corrections, but you can also see our multigyms at resorts, campgrounds, military bases, schools and universities, corporate campuses, and in your local communities. To read more on our markets, click here.

What makes your multigym’s safe for inmates?

Our multigym’s are proven in the toughest environments, including correctional facilities. All products are completely tamperproof and nothing can be removed from the equipment to be used as a potential weapon. The center column is padlocked and all weights and pulley systems (Apollo and Versa only) are designed with user safety in mind. To read more on how our products are suitable for corrections, click here.

How much space do you need for a multigym to be installed?

Our multigyms pack a lot of fitness into a small space, making them perfect for small spaces. The Apollo, or largest multigym takes up 73” (~6ft) by 76in (~6 ft 3in). All multigyms are anchored into structural concrete.

What makes your equipment weatherproof?

Our multigyms are built rugged and durable with stainless steel, heavy duty aluminium, and super durable polyester paint, making them completely weatherproof with little to no maintenance.