outdoor exercise equipment FAQs

What makes Outdoor-Fit different from other Outdoor Fitness Equipment companies?

We take a unique approach to outdoor fitness. To build products that offer the same exercise results found in commercial gyms, that last for years in any outdoor environment, and that keep your footprint small to maximize space - they have to look different. All our products are completely tamperproof, weatherproof, and tested in the toughest environments.

What is different between the different models Outdoor-Fit offers?

Each model has different exercise stations and a variety of different exercises that can be done. The APOLLO Multigym is the largest, with over 19 different exercises; and its smallest counterpart, The TITAN, has 5 exercises. Our multigyms are made to fit your exercise needs. See our comparison chart for more information on the differences between models.

What does “tamper proof” mean?

At Outdoor-Fit, we only use rounded head stainless steel carriage bolts with all nuts and other hardware inaccessible on the inside of the padlocked center column. Nothing can be removed from the product. Our products are proven in some of the harshest environments around the world.

Can you use a multigym for a full body workout?

Yes! Our multigyms provide full-body workouts using bodyweight and resistance stations (Find our selectorized weight stack system on the APOLLO and VERSA).

Do your multigyms require any ongoing maintenance?

Our multigyms are designed to be left out in the toughest environments with little to no maintenance. They are all built with extra-thick steel plates, heavy-duty aluminum, stainless steel, and super durable polyester paint.

Who purchases a multigym from Outdoor-Fit?

Anyone! We specialize in Parks and Recreation and Corrections, but you can also see our multigyms at resorts, campgrounds, military bases, schools and universities, corporate campuses, and in your local communities. To read more on our markets, click here.

What makes your multigyms safe for inmates?

Our multigyms are proven in the toughest environments, including correctional facilities. All products are completely tamper proof and nothing can be removed from the equipment to be used as a potential weapon. The center column is padlocked and all weights and pulley systems (APOLLO and VERSA only) are designed with user safety in mind. To read more on how our products are suitable for corrections, click here.

How much space do you need for a multigym to be installed?

Our multigyms pack a lot of fitness into a small space, making them perfect for small spaces. The APOLLO, our largest multigym takes up 73” (~6ft) by 76in (~6 ft 3in) and can fit on a 14x14 square foot pad. All multigyms are anchored into structural concrete.

What makes your equipment weatherproof?

Our multigyms are built rugged and durable with stainless steel, heavy-duty aluminum, and super durable polyester paint, making them completely weatherproof with little to no maintenance.

How difficult is it to install your equipment?

Our equipment is shipped partially assembled, so it's easy to install when it arrives at our customer. Once the concrete pad is installed, it takes only two people a maximum of 4 hours to install our largest unit (The APOLLO).

What does "real exercise biomechanics" mean?

Exercising on biomechanically correct fitness equipment means that your body moves in the way it is supposed to – reducing your risk for exercise-related injury and optimizing fitness results.

What is your warranty?

Our warranty is 15 years on all structural steel components, stainless steel and aluminum components, and welds and hardware. We also have a two-year warranty on all moving parts (pulleys, cables, guides, bushings), fabric, rubber, and plastic components. Unlike some of our competitors, our warranty covers coastal installations.

Will your equipment hold up if placed near the ocean?

Yes! We paint our equipment with super durable polyester powder coating – the same process used to paint the buoy's deployed in the Atlantic Ocean. The US Navy purchased our HELIOS Multigym and anchored it onto the deck of their Minesweeper. We also have units installed less than 200 feet from the ocean. Our various coastal installations have never needed to be repainted or replaced.

What is real outdoor fitness equipment?

Real outdoor fitness equipment provides real exercise value. Real outdoor fitness equipment incorporates resistance and adjustability into the equipment, which are common traits of indoor commercial fitness equipment. Real outdoor fitness equipment is also biomechanically correct, reducing injury and optimizing results.

Can I customize the equipment?

Yes, you can! We build all of our equipment to order, so customization is easy and does not impact your order time. All steel components of our equipment can be painted in a custom color (or colors), and there are over 100 different colors to choose from. Additional customization includes adding your company, town, or school logo to the unit and custom instructional placards.

Do you have outdoor fitness equipment without moving parts?

All of our equipment, including the products with moving parts, comply with the ASTM F3101-21a safety standard for outdoor fitness equipment. Any entrapment area, crush zone, or pinch point has been eliminated. If moving parts are still a "no" for your project, we do manufacture two static products - the TITAN Multigym and the HELIOS-NA Multigym.

What is activity equipment?

The term activity equipment represents outdoor fitness equipment that resembles indoor fitness equipment in its appearance; however, the exercise benefits that it delivers to users are little to none. This type of equipment will get the user's arms and legs moving, but it does not provide legitimate fitness results with little to no resistance or adjustability.

What is functional outdoor fitness equipment?

Functional fitness equipment has made its way into the outdoor fitness market in the design of large rig systems. Functional fitness is an effective form of fitness; however, these systems typically feature only bodyweight exercises requiring considerable upper body strength. Before choosing a functional fitness rig for your park, consider if it is designed with proper exercise biomechanics, and ask yourself if people of all fitness levels can use the equipment?

What is bodyweight equipment?

Bodyweight equipment comes in single station, double station, and multigym configurations. These bodyweight stations are typically fixed stations with no moving parts, and users can perform a wide range of exercises. However, many of these exercises require users to have some strength and ability. Therefore, it only caters to a select group of people.

What is obstacle course equipment?

Similar to functional fitness equipment, obstacle course equipment is a large installation consisting of many bodyweight stations. Increasing in popularity due to the 'Ninja Warrior' TV program, obstacle course equipment requires a tremendous amount of upper body strength and conditioning; therefore, it is not accessible to people of various fitness abilities. Obstacle course equipment may look impressive installed in your community and may get a lot of use initially; however, the lack of real exercise and accessibility features will deter people from continuing to use it long-term.